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Bottle on the shore

Sustainability 2024

Our Commitment to Sustainable & Ethical Design

The Sak’s vision is to make the world better through crafted accessories. Our objective is to be socially and environmentally responsible. We are focused on three pillars - products, people, and the planet - to achieve 100% sustainability by 2024 (previously 2029)!


Lowering the environmental impact of our products: Working towards more ethical standards to ensure that the materials and processes in our supply chain are sustainable.


Supporting our people: We have been trailblazers in our industry to ensure our employees have a meaningful work/life balance, as well as creating a lasting connection with our artisans, partners, and consumers.


Caring for our planet: We work closely with Oceana to protect & restore the worlds oceans, helping to make a positive impact on our ecosystem.

Meet some of the partners we are working with to make it happen:


"As I look back over the last three decades and where the world was when we started versus now, I recognize the importance of reframing the way The Sak functions as a global citizen with an added pledge for environmental stewardship, authentic craftsmanship and philanthropy," says The Sak Brand Group's Co-Founder + CEO, Mark Talucci