Established in 2007, REPREVE® is the world’s leading brand of performance fiber made from recycled material, including plastic bottles. According to its first peer-reviewed lifecycle assessment, REPREVE® maker Unifi, Inc. reports its recycled polyester fiber reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 42%, defers fossil-fuel depletion by up to 66% and reduces freshwater consumption by up to 67% compared to virgin filament yarn. To date, they have recycled over 38 billion plastic bottles. We partnered with REPREVE® to develop exclusive sustainable fabrics: EcoTwill, EcoJersey, EcoLining, and Crochet Footwear.

From Bottles to Bags

Recycled materials are cleaned and broken down into flakes

Flakes are melted and reformulated into high-quality resin chips

Resin is melted down to be extruded as fibers and spun into yarn

Yarns are made into products we use, wear and love

Together we have recycled over 20,903,992 plastic bottles and counting.

EcoTwill is created using REPREVE® recycled polyester, making up many of our printed Sakroots collections and the linings of all of our products.

Water Repellent


Stain Resistant

Recycled Plastic


Durable & Strong

Eco Jersey Crochet

Eco Jersey Crochet

EcoJersey Crochet is made from 100% REPREVE® recycled polyester, handcrafted by fairly-paid Balinese artisans who transform it into one-of-a-kind pieces.