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Our Craft

Style is constantly changing but our love for handcrafted design remains the same. Each of our timeless bags and accessories are thoughtfully designed with signature details and high-quality materials. It is our distinct attention to detail and commitment to the highest quality that sets us apart.


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We are using our signature crochet material as a medium to create change through our products, people and planet. Our goal is to create consciously crafted crochet bags that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and preserve the crochet craft for a better tomorrow.

All our bags are hand-crocheted allowing us to use our materials in a more responsible way and create lower-waste products. To learn more about how to care for your crochet bag, click here.

Leather Craft


Timeless Style is how we describe our leather bags, each having unique signature artisan details. We pride ourselves on quality craftmanship through our selection of materials, construction and environmentally friendly factories.


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Sakroots commissions up and coming artist to create original artwork that features a whimsical critter, which is then translated into exclusive prints for our collections. Our patterns are then printed onto natural cottons and other sustainable materials such as EcoTwill.

100% of Sakroots is PETA Approved Vegan Certified using materials free of animal byproducts.