Our Balinese Artisans

From the hands of our Balinese artisans, many of our crochet styles draw on traditional techniques to create essential pieces designed to stay close to you. We’re committed to elevating both the individuals and the communities that produce our crochet products by paying Balinese artisans fair wages and increasing job opportunities in impoverished areas, aiming to support their craft, traditions and culture.

Bali Village Artisan Fund

Through a partnership with a local Bali non-profit firm, Business & Export Development Organization (BEDO) we donate a portion of proceeds towards funding health programs, community events, and the education of the female artisans of Negara and the surrounding Balinese villages who hand-crocheted each bag, as a tribute to our roots.


In October 2019, The Sak team headed to Negara to administer various health exams and counseling to over 100 women and their families.

Physical Exams

Eye Exams

Blood Tests

Early Breast Cancer Detection

World Ocean Day

Every year The Sak Bali team gets together to clean up some of Bali's most polluted beaches and pathways. As a company, we have cleaned up over 900lbs of plastic to date, preventing it from entering the ocean. As part of our continuing education program, our artisans participated in a course to learn about recycling and the importance of it for ocean health.



Hear from the inspiring women behind each bag:

Meet Siti

Meet Hatomaya