Product Care

Show your bag, and the planet, some love!

Our bags are hand-crafted from durable, eco-friendly materials meant to last for a long time. Regular maintenance will keep them in your wardrobe rotation and out of landfills, creating less environmental waste. Follow these care instructions to keep styles long-lasting, supple and clean.


Before you start…

Prevention is key: Try to keep your bag from getting dirty, soaked or dried out.

Remove contents of bag: Toss those receipts, gather up your loose change. Your bag overhaul starts with an interior cleaning


  • We recommend using a water-based leather cleanser and moisturizer set.


  • Be sure to test the cleanser on a small patch in a discreet area first.


  • Apply it according to instructions, then remove it with a slightly dampened cloth.


  • Finish with a protective spray to seal the leather surface.


Avoid storing your suede bag in direct sunlight; store it inside its cloth case.


Avoid excessive contact with water, oils, perfumes or cosmetics. If your item gets wet, remove excess moisture by dabbing with a soft cloth and let dry at room temperature.


Slight transfer of color can occur when rubbed, especially in humid environments. Keep this in mind when wearing light-colored garments.


To clean: only use a dried cloth and gently rub. There will be some color transfer to the cloth but will not leave any stain or mark on the suede.


  • Wipe clean with barely damp cloth and let air dry.


  • For uncoated canvas styles: Spot clean with a slightly damp cloth using water only. Let air dry.


  • For coated canvas styles: Spot clean with a slightly damp cloth using water only. Let air dry.


  • Spot clean with warm water and air dry, keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Other Fabrication

  • Cotton straps: Spot clean with a slightly damp cloth, mild detergent and let air dry.


  • Wood beaded: Wipe with a damp cloth and let air dry.