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Apr 10

Crochet At Home: Finishing a Project

Crochet At Home: Finishing a Project

This is a continuation from our previous tutorial.
To view that lesson, click here.

You've started a project, now let's finish it up!

In this blog post, you will be learning how to finish your project.

What you'll need: your work, large needle, and scissors


1. Crochet until whatever size you want. 

2. When you get to the end of the last row, cut your yarn, leaving a tail of about 8"

3. Chain 1 like you would normally starting a new row, but pull the end of the yarn completely through and tighten the knot


4. Thread the large needle with the end of the yarn

5. Weave the needle through your crochet, looping the yarn around your stitches to hide and secure the end


6. After weaving in most of the yarn, trim the end. Repeat these steps with the tail at the beginning of your work.


Tada! You've completed your project!


Watch the full tutorial below:

You can use the single stitch to create all sorts of things, as simple as a dish rag or large as a blanket. You can also crochet many smaller squares and stitch them together to create a larger piece. Stay tuned for our upcoming tutorials on how to join multiple squares, new crochet stitches, and more!

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