Jun 16

Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Our founders set out over 30 years ago, looking for deeper meaning and a more forward-thinking way of life. They found themselves in Bali, Indonesia invigorated by the country’s spirit, connection to the surrounding land and sea, casual approach to life—and, above all else, respect for craft.​

They created bags, capturing Bali’s laid-back style, breaking through in an era of buttoned-up business casual. It was an invitation to walk your own path—a more easygoing one that strayed from convention.​

The first styles were crafted from traditional Balinese sleeping mats hand-woven with antiqued rattan, a wild plant that was harvested naturally from the waters of Indonesia. Growing in moisture made the rattan pliable and extra soft, resulting in bags that invited touch.​

The rattan patterns were indigenous to the villages where the artisan lived, some featuring more intricate motifs. The bags were lined in batik fabric, original to the Balinese styles they were based off.​

Traditional Indonesian Batik Fabric

The Original Rattan Bag

These early rattan styles eventually translated into the technique used in our hand-crocheted items and decades-long partnership with global artisans. Their designs also laid the look, commitment to texture and craftsmanship our company became internationally known for.​