Aug 20

A Tale of Texture

A Tale of Texture

Welcome to ‘A Tale Of Texture,’ our new fall campaign featuring a re-vamped look that explores our deep connection to sensuous, touchable fabrics.

On this journey of inspiration, we find splendor in fleeting moments and beauty in everyday places. We take you to the New York coastline, re-connecting to nature and the ocean in a new photo shoot by renowned fashion photographer Nick Riley Bentham.

In it, our styles return to the natural world—where their textures, shapes and hues are most drawn from. This is how we visually conceptualize the journey that each of our objects takes; one that goes from our hands to yours.


Our campaign focuses on the techniques of traditional crafts reinterpreted for the modern day; woven together, connecting our past to our present and into handcrafted pieces you can carry with you wherever life takes you.


You’ll also notice new branding moments, carefully designed symbols that connect us to the wider world around us.

Our new design mark represents a continuous loop of connectivity and a re-commitment to creating a more sustainable and ethical world while also honoring the traditional artisan techniques used in its product.


Join us in this new season, together weaving a greater social fabric. One that connects us all. Layer upon layer. Stitch upon stitch.