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Aug 20

Introducing The Continuous Loop

Introducing The Continuous Loop

Introducing The Continuous Loop:
A Sign of Our Tenets  

Our new design mark, The Continuous Loop, is shorthand for our brand. It's based on the Bali Knot, the original symbol that we launched our brand with 30 years ago. It’s steeped with the meaning and representation, acting as a symbol of our craft, connectivity and three brand pillars: people, planet, product.  

Its design has been updated, featuring a new woven pattern, linking our products to our global artisans. Its closed, connected line stands for our re-commitment to creating a more sustainable and ethical world.  

Take a closer look and you’ll even see three artistically-drawn P’s in its design.  

As we head into our next chapter, we’ll use this as a flexible element that can appear in a repeating pattern, on hardware or as a sign-off.