Apr 24

Crochet At Home: Crochet In The Round

Crochet At Home: Crochet In The Round

Welcome back to Crochet at Home!

We will be teaching you how to crochet in a circle! 

In our previous tutorials, we have taught you how to crochet a Foundation Stitch, Single Stitch, and how to finish your project! Make sure to check our those posts if you haven't already, as they will help you with this project.

Let's go ahead and learn something new!

Follow along with the full tutorial below!

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Make a slip knot.

2. Instead of making a foundation chain, you will start the first round of 6 stitches directly in the slip knot loop.

3. Insert your crochet hook into the slip knot but don't tighten the knot.

4. Yarn over, pull the slip knot over the hook.

5. Yarn over again and pull the lower loop over the top of the hook. This is your first stitch. 

6. Reinsert the hook into the slip knot.

7. Yarn over, pull through.

8. Yarn over, and pull the two bottom loops over the top. This is your second stitch. Do this 4 more times. 

9. Pull the tail end of the slip knot to tighten up the hole.

10. To finish the round, make a slip stitch by inserting your hook into the first stitch.

11. Yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook. You're done with your first round!

12. Chain 1 to advance to the next round. For the second round you are going increase the number of stitches to 12, by doubling the number of crochet stitches you do in each stitch.

13. To start the second round, insert the hook into the adjacent "V" of the first round stitch.

14. Yarn over and pull through. Yarn over again and pull the two bottom loops over the top.

15. Now re-insert your hook into the same "V" and complete another single crochet stitch. Yarn over, pull through, yarn over again, pull the two loops over the hook.

16. Move on by inserting your hook in the next "V" and complete two single crochet stitches again. Continue around the circle, doing two single crochet stitches in every "V" for 12 single crochet stitches total. At the end of the round, insert your hook in the beginning stitch and make a slip stitch. You're done with your second round!

17. Chain 1 to advance to the next round. For the third round, the increase is more gradual. Instead of increasing 2 in every stitch, you will only increase 2 in every other stitch. This round will have 18 stitches total.

18. Insert your hook in the "V", complete 1 single stitch. Reinsert your hook in the same V and complete another single stitch, so two single stitches in the same "V".

19. Insert your hook in the next "V" and complete 1 single stitch. Insert your hook in the next "V" and complete 2 single stitches.

20. Continue around alternating 1 and 2 stitches until the end of the round. Finish the round with a slip stitch, and you're done!

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