Nov 22

Street Style: Making the Case for Tech

We're in the midst of a major fashion-tech moment, if you haven't yet noticed. Check out some of our favorite fashion tech accessory moments on the blog!

Street Style: Making the Case for Tech
At any given moment, we are constantly surrounded by technology. From our most important accessory, our phone (duh), to our headphones, cameras, and smartwatches, we're in the midst of a major fashion-tech moment. There's a plethora of fun and stylish tech accessories out there, just waiting to be worn. Come on, we're tech'ing it to the streets!
Dressing up your phone is fun now with imaginative cases, from cute little critters to miniature handbags with straps. Smartwatches can be interchanged in different colored bands to match your outfit, while headphones draped around your neck equal automatic street cred.

Being constantly connected to our phones, music, social media and more requires the ability to charge on the go. Check out our selection of fun Charging Wristlets, that come with a built-in power bank to charge your phone or USB device while you're out and about.
For the music lovers, make any location your soundstage with our portable Dangle Bluetooth Speaker.
What's your favorite 'techcessory' that you can't live without? Share with us in the comments, below!