Oct 13

A Tale of Texture: @tessa_port

A Tale of Texture: @tessa_port

Hello my loves,

I've partnered up with The Sak to share what connection and being true to myself means. There are a million directions I could go with this topic but a very specific memory came to mind so I thought I'd go with that.

When we were kids, my sister and I used to visit my grandparents every summer for a couple of months. It was our summer vacation and truly I don't think we could have imagined anything better or more special. We would go to different day camps and sleep away camps while we were there. But most of our time was spent at our grandparent's house which became our second home.

It was this magical A-frame that sat on 10 acres of thick wooded land at the top of a hill. There were massive windows in the main room with wooden beams and paneling going all the way up the 20ft ceilings. It always smelled of fresh baked treats or my grandma's famous spaghetti sauce. Outside was just as magical. Nothing but 100 year old trees that changed with each season, providing a canopy over the road and endless adventures.

My family would go back to visit our grandparents over Thanksgiving almost every year. The trees had bright orange and red leaves at that time. The air was chilly and the mugginess that often lingered from summer would be gone. Leaving a crisp and fresh feeling whenever we'd go outside.

My grandpa would do a leaf burn every year. We'd rake all the leaves in from the hill they lived on and have a big bonfire. We toasted s'mores and always loved that woodsy smell.

There was this trail nearby that people would walk, us included, called the Iron Gate Trail. It was somewhat popular during the Summer months but when it cooled down, not as much. But that didn't stop us.

It was so close and a great way to move around after eating the glutenous Thanksgiving meal. We'd get bundled up in our knit scarves and hats and go for a walk on the trail. The leaves on the ground were wet, like they often were that time of year, the air sharp and the distant smell of all the baked goods being enjoyed by families nearby.

There is something about that memory that feels unexplainably fulfilling and complete to me. It's pure, it's real and it's not fancied up with anything.

Those simple moments are the ones that stay with you. When you let yourself go and just be. Be one with nature. Connect to yourself and others and be happy with what you have.

I have always been a fan of The Sak's aesthetic and handcrafted details. I remember as a little girl I'd go shopping with my mom or grandma and I'd see these bags in the store—always so colorful and unique. As I got older, I've realized they are a lot more than just that. They are practical and consciously crafted by artisans down to every last detail. They also put an emphasis on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes that make a difference. It makes me feel good to support brands and businesses like that.

If you want to check out The Sak's new arrivals, click here. There are so many beautiful pieces with great details. The bag I'm carrying is the Los Feliz Large Tote in stone. It comes in 18 different colors!

I hope after reading this you're reminded to live in the moment and connect more often to yourself and those around you. The world is a better place when we do. Lots of love.