Sep 29

A Tale Of Texture: @karinemilyblog

A Tale Of Texture: @karinemilyblog

Welcome to our ‘Tale Of Texture’ guest blogger series! We’ve partnered with some of our favorite content creators to share their stories about crafting a world that feels true to them while connecting to the greater world around them. They also show how they style their favorite new looks for Fall.

First up, Karin.....

Karin Emily


I’ve always been someone who connects deeply to nature. There’s something about being surrounded by such a wild and raw space that fills me to the brim with appreciation and contentment… and it’s such a multi layered experience. The smells, the sounds, the feelings… the textures.

Whenever I am at my most stressed, in my lowest moments I know that if I can just find five minutes to escape alone into the woods that everything will be okay. There’s a sense of connection and belonging in nature that I can’t find anywhere else. It’s also a gentle reminder that I am part of something much bigger than myself.

There’s a place that David and I go hiking when we escape up North – it’s the tallest point in our state and it’s tucked away in a place that is still relatively untouched. When we get to the top of our climb my breath is always stolen by the miles of wilderness in front of me. I never get over that feeling of awe and the feeling of smallness that I get. I can get so wrapped up in my own problems and my own burdens, but when I’m at the top of that mountain I’m reminded that I’m not alone.

As such, I’ve always been draw to more muted palettes, neutral hues, earth tones, and natural fibers and textures in my clothing. I feel at home in my clothing when I take inspiration from nature in my wardrobe.

There’s nothing more comforting than putting on an outfit that is reminiscent of the natural world around me.

The iconic 120 Hobo from The Sak is one of those pieces that makes me feel at home. It’s handmade, and not only does the texture of the bag remind me of nature but I know that the bag is contributing to the greater social fabric.

I can feel good carrying it knowing that it connects me to the global world around me.

You can find more out more information about the 120 Hobo here. If you use code KARINEMILYBLOG20 you’ll get 20% off – and make sure to check out my Instagram today because I’ll be sharing what fits inside the bag in my stories!

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