Jul 24

Artist Q&A : Pavneet Sembhi

Meet the artist behind our newest print, Wanderlust! Her name is Pavneet Sembhi and you can get to know her and her artistic process behind the print, here on the blog!

Artist Q&A : Pavneet Sembhi
Meet Pavneet Sembhi, a self-taught illustrator specializing in detailed hand-drawn illustrations and the creator of our new Wanderlust print. Based out of London, Pavneet explores geometry, patterns, textures and structures, always looping in an element of fun and meaning to her work.

 What was your inspiration for Wanderlust?

I was inspired by the patterns and colours of South America, more specifically Peru. Everywhere you see bright colours, multicoloured stripes and beautiful bold fabrics draping everything from homes to animals!

What inspires your art in general?

I find inspiration in a lot of places, often its nature or architecture but anything detailed orientated is an inspiration for me. Some of my work is even inspired by science and math!

Was being an artist your dream? Were you artistic as a child?

Oh yes! From as early as I can remember every present I asked for was art related and most of my time was spent painting and drawing. It’s funny because at aged 11 I would sign my paintings like I was famous and in school I was often doodling instead of working, oops!

How and when did you begin as a professional artist?

To be honest I am not sure when I became a professional artist – I took a slightly unconventional route to get to where I am now. I was working in an office job and then found myself returning to art to escape my 9 to 5. After sharing my work online I quickly seemed to connect with people and before I knew it I was taking commissions and selling my work.


 What is your purpose when creating a piece of art?

For me, art has been a way to create a new world, somewhere you can get lost and escape from all the chaos.

I'm very fortunate that other people seem to feel this sense of escapism and wonder when they observe my work.

Do you have any causes that you are active in helping support?

I feel strongly about giving my time to the most vulnerable people in our communities so I go once a week to the local Day Centre helping them improve their art skills; although it's really more about chatting to people who often spend most of their time alone.

When creating your artwork, do you have a process?

First I start by organizing the tools I am going to use for that piece, then I always begin each one by laying down some gridlines. The pencil gridlines help me achieve the precision and symmetry of my artwork. I don’t do very much planning when it comes to the actual detail; I find ideas come to me in the process. Listening to podcasts helps me focus, that busy part of my brain is kept occupied with the podcast and the art just sort of flows.

If you weren't creating art, what would you be doing for a living?

I am fascinated by people and the human mind so probably something in the field of Psychology.

What is the most interesting thing about you that most people do not know about you?

I don't know if it is interesting but a lot of people don’t know that I actually studied Law at university – could not be any different to what I am doing now!

What's your favorite music?

I'll be honest nothing beats the good old classics and cheesy songs, they are the ones that get me singing and I love singing!

Does fashion influence your art?

I don't think fashion has influenced my art that much but I am always looking for new places to go for inspiration.

Your favorite neighborhood and restaurant to hang out?

I love Neil's Yard in Covent Garden, there are lots of little cute restaurants, one of my favourites is Native – its British food, they constantly change the menu and it's always delicious. The restaurant I hang out in most is Wahaca, it's simple fresh Mexican food.

Check out Pavneet's instagram to see what she’s working on at the moment, @pavneetsembhi. To shop our new Wanderlust print by artist Pavneet Sembhi, click here!
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