The Artists Behind The Prints

Valentina Harper

Yellena James

Pavneet Sembhi

Danielle Foye

Diane Barcelowsky

Dinara Mirtalipova

Joshua Davis

Barbra Ignatiev

Sara Blake

Nanoe Ari

Jane Newland


After many years working as a graphic designer, Valentina Harper started to create other arts and crafts. From these creations, Valentina Design was born: her world of fantasies and dreams; where her uplifting drawings and designs took shape.


On Spirit Desert: When creating Spirit Desert, I was influenced by the Southwest. I’ve incorporated elements of both Tribal Americana themes and the Aztec themes. This combination gives Spirit Desert the feeling of vibrancy and aliveness. The Southwest native tribes are known for creating art that is intricate and beautiful and is able to withstand the test of time.


Yellena James is a Portland based artist & illustrator known for her complex abstract imagery. She's collaborated with many of today's top brands on surface design and artist collections and has shown in numerous galleries around the US and abroad.


On Seascape: "My goal was to create a pattern that incorporates a sea turtle into a fresh and vivid design which pulls from and expands on the forms found in underwater flora and fauna."


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Pavneet Sembhi is a self taught illustrator from London. Her work takes you on a journey, twisting and turning through every line, pattern and detail until you find yourself truly lost in a whole new world.


On Wanderlust: "I was inspired by the patterns and colours of South America, more specifically Peru. Everywhere you see bright colours, multicoloured stripes and beautiful bold fabrics draping everything from homes to animals!"


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Danielle Foye is a British Artist currently living in the North-West of England. Her primary focus with her creations are based around nature and animals which is evident in almost all of her paintings. Her main medium is watercolour but she also uses pens and inks to add details into the colourful scenes she creates.


On In Bloom: "My main inspiration for ‘In Bloom’ was based on the flowers and creatures that are found in English gardens. I have a personal appreciation for the simplistic qualities and flowers here in the UK which come through in many pieces of my work. I featured flowers like the daisy in my print which is a very humble yet British flower, which is present during the whole of summer here in England."


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Diane was born in New Jersey and resides in Brooklyn, New York. She is inspired by nature, history, social context and literature. She currently teaches at The Trevor Day School, a “green” school in upper Manhattan and also enjoys performance art. She considers herself a true optimist.


On One World: "The Sakroots 'One World' print collection signifies the shared philosophy that 'we all share one world, one dream of peace.'"


Dinara Mirtalipova, a self-taught artist raised in ethnically diverse Tashkent, Uzbekistan, renders vibrant flower-studded compositions and distinct folk patterns with a modern take on old-world charm.


On Enchanted Forest: "The Enchanted Forest collection emerged as a tribute to wildlife and nature. Here in Ohio, where we currently live, we have many beautiful national parks. When taking a walk in these parks you return home a new person. I believe in the power of trees, there's something mysterious and magical about them, it's almost as if they have an invisible force which renews energy.


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Joshua Davis is an American artist, designer, and technologist producing public and private works for companies, collectors, and institutions. Davis is renowned for pioneering an original method of computational, generative-art known as Dynamic Abstraction


On Flower Power: "I had in my mind a very peaceful, organic piece. I got most of my seed ideas from kimonos. The rich textures and floral patterns are reinterpretations of things I found in those traditional old kimonos formed the basis of the print, but then I refined the composition over, and over again."


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Barbra Ignatiev lives in Oakland, CA and creates watercolor prints and patterns for her brand, Barbarian. Barbarian has grown from a small passion project, into a full-fledged brand that encompasses living a life of freedom, expressed through her bold, colorful brushstrokes


On Brave Beauti: "The print is inspired by ikat designs - a traditional dyeing technique that feels active and bold, and yet structured. We chose to incorporate an American Indian war horse, with symbolic markings - “circle eye” for the ability to see danger, “fire arrow” for strength, “pat hand” for mission accomplished. All these elements make for a strong yet whimsical print."


Sara Blake is an illustrator and fine artist living in New York City. She graduated from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Graphic Art and Postmodern Studies and has been working in design and art direction ever since. She now works as a freelance illustrator and exhibiting artist.


Treehouse is inspired by Thoreau's Walden and represents an imaginary special place in the sky where you can go and find inspiration and solitude away from daily life.


Nanoe Ari, artist and art teacher is based on the Island of Bali in Indonesia and specializes in traditional Balinese Keliki Painting; a romantic interpretation of daily life in the island’s rural villages, the beauty of the Island’s flora and fauna, as well as Hindu myths and local folklore.


On Bali Wana: "Keliki style painting is very unique. The characteristic is to have small detail objects. My inspiration for [Bali Wana] is life in the forest. In the process of creating we must require extraordinary patience."


Jane Newland is an illustrator from Norwich, Norfolk, UK. She graduated from Maidstone College of Art with a degree in Illustration, and since then her extensive freelance experience has covered a broad range of clients, most recently including Anthropologie, Roger La Borde, The Art Group, Flow Magazine, Breathe Magazine, Templar, Usborne, Harper Collins. Jane works mostly digitally now, and has a bit of an obsession with detail.


On Mojave Mirage: "My inspirations for Mojave Mirage were the amazing patterns and colours of the desert … the beautiful flora and fauna, the wonderful landscapes."


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