Feb 28


Get to know artist Danielle Foye, creator of our new print In Bloom. Check out her exclusive Q&A on the blog and shop the print!

This month we're inspiring you to "Bee Free" in honor of our exclusive new artist print In Bloom, by artist Danielle Foye. A 24-year-old British watercolor artist currently living in the North-West of England, Danielle primarily focuses her creations on nature and animals which is evident in almost all of her paintings. While her main medium is watercolor, she also uses pens and inks to add details to the colorful scenes she creates.


What was your inspiration for In Bloom?

My main inspiration for In Bloom was based on the flowers and creatures found in English gardens. I have a personal appreciation for the simplistic qualities and flowers here in the UK which come through in many pieces of my work. I featured flowers like the daisy in my print which is a very humble yet British flower, which is present throughout summer here in England.

What inspires your art in general?

I get inspired by all sorts of different things when it comes to creating artwork. I get a massive amount of inspiration from nature, flowers, and animals. For a large amount of my work, I bring these things together combined with bright colours. I also get heavily inspired by films and books due to the romance element and also the stories and feelings they create for me. Sometimes I will find myself thinking about a part of a love story right before I find myself picking up the paintbrush.

Was being an artist your dream? Were you artistic as a child?

Being an artist was always my dream, I think even before I knew it myself. My mum often reminds me of the days when I used to arrive home after Primary School and the first thing I would do was go and grab my box of arts and crafts pieces and tip it all out on to the table in the dining room. I always had a keen interest to create, even from that young age and I am lucky to have found myself pursuing it as a career.

How and when did you begin as a professional artist?

I became a professional artist around three years ago when I decided to quit a job that I had at a local boutique. After a short while working there I found myself doodling and sketch booking under the counter when the shop was empty and realized I had to make a change. Not long after that, I decided to quit my job and do art full time. It was honestly the best decision I have ever made. 

What is your purpose when creating a piece of art?

It totally depends on what image I'm working with at that moment, but essentially my artwork always revolves around making people happy, whether it is a commission painting or something I am just painting through passion. Generally, I would say there is quite a romantic element to my work and I often like creating quite dream-like qualities in my paintings.

I like each one to tell a small story and to hear how people interpret that differently.

Do you have any causes that you are active in helping support?

I don't currently work with a specific charity on a regular basis, however I have always donated artwork to smaller charities for fundraising and events throughout my time being an artist. I contribute prints and artwork to a variety of causes.

When creating your artwork, do you have a process?

I do have a process of some form, but for most people, it would probably look a lot like chaos. First of all, I always start by making a cup of tea and sitting at my art desk having a moment to myself before I paint. My art studio is arguably one of the messiest places you have ever seen, sometimes I have to tidy up my desk just to be able to fit the paper on there (seriously!). Once I have got the paper on the desk it then starts with a sketch or just diving straight in with the watercolour, depending on the image I am planning to create.

If you weren't creating art, what would you be doing for a living?

I am almost certain that if I wasn't creating art for a living I would be working with animals in some form. I never pursued any qualifications with animals however I would most definitely seek out something with dogs or horses - but in reality, who knows!

What is the most interesting thing that most people don't know about you?

Hmm‚ this is a very tricky question which has totally stumped me! I don't know if this would be classed as the most interesting thing about me, but most people don' know that my other dream is to write a book at some point in my life. I have always enjoyed writing journals ever since I was a child and still do to this day. I have kept them all so that one day I can use them to play a part in building characters and stories.

What's your favorite kind of music?

I love all different kinds of music and go through different phases all the time in all honesty, which I suppose goes for everyone. At the moment I am definitely going through a more indie stage I would say!

Does fashion influence your art?

I can't say fashion impacts my artwork on a regular basis. It is certainly something I consider if I am working on an image specifically for products that lend themselves to fashion in some way, but my subjects generally link to nature and colour.

Tell us about England. What's your favorite neighborhood and restaurant to hang out at?

Definitely the Northern Quarter in Manchester is somewhere I love spending most of my spare time at the moment. I love all of the restaurants and bars there and the culture and people are very eclectic. I used to live in Brighton about a year ago and that is certainly somewhere I wish I could spend more time visiting, there is a Mexican restaurant there called ‚La Choza‚ and it's the best vegetarian burrito I have ever had! Definitely would love to back there soon, it's a beautiful place.


Check out Danielle's instagram to see what she's working on at the moment, @danielle_foye. To shop our new print, In Bloom by artist Danielle Foye, click here!
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