FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization that sets the standard for what is a responsibly managed forest both environmentally and socially. All paper collateral used in our hangtags, packaging, and stationary are FSC Certified. We also use soy based ink in all printing and our shipping bags are biodegradable.


We are committed to becoming plastic free in all our packaging and hangtags by the end of 2022. We are replacing all with recyclable natural materials and using non-toxic animal free glues.

What We Are Doing

Plastic mailers have been replaced with paper mailers, which are 100% recyclable, biodegradable & compostable, as well as printed with water based inks.

Plastic swift tags are being replaced with paper and jute, which is a natural biodegradable material.

Cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper and are recyclable.