Mar 15

Get to Know Tamar Glezerman, Director of "Bring Your World"

Meet filmmaker Tamar Glezerman, director of our "Bring Your World" short film. Learn more about Tamar, her inspiration, and the process behind her work.

Get to Know Tamar Glezerman, Director of
Tamar Glezerman is a writer and director from Tel-Aviv, currently working in Brooklyn. If you haven't heard of her yet, chances are you will soon. With work featured on NPR, The New York Times, Refinery29 and much more, we were excited to work with Tamar on The Sak's Bring Your World campaign. 
tamar glezerman the sak
Tell us a little about your background and when you realized you wanted to work in film. 
I grew up in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I realized I might want to make movies when I was around 14 and stumbled upon Robert Altman’s SHORTCUTS on cable TV. It was dark, funny, disturbing and over three hours long - by the time it was over I was a girl obsessed. I worked in Israeli TV and journalism until I moved to the US in 2010.
What inspired you to work with The Sak on the "Bring Your World" campaign video?
I was approached to make a mother-daughter adventure type short for The Sak. The idea worked with the brand’s look and feel and, given that I’m still a foreigner, I was also excited for the opportunity to make something the tradition of the American road movie. The Southwest is gorgeous and inspiring.
Tamar Glezerman the Sak
Tell us about the Bring Your World video. What is the messaging behind the short film?
The Bring your World video is meant to be an uplifting short about a mother and a daughter growing closer by feeling free together.
tamar glezerman The sak
Where do you pull inspiration from?
It can be anything from an anecdote to music to bizarre news stories. If it’s a narrative project I often come up with the title first and develop it from there. When I’m trying to come up with a pitch I watch a lot of music videos and youtube concert videos.
What advice do you have for individuals hoping to follow in your footsteps?
I don’t know if I’m qualified to give any advice, but I do think that’s it’s good to always be trying to make the type of work you eventually want to be making. Even as you’re cutting your teeth and paying your dues - if you want to write, always be writing, etc.
The other thing is to find your community and stick with it - work on your friends' films, read their scripts, don’t be stingy with your time or ideas, because, magically enough - the more you give, the more you make.
tamar glezerman the sak
What upcoming projects are you working on? What’s next for Tamar?
At the moment I’m in the development of a comedy pilot, which my team and I are pretty excited about. I’ve also got narrative short starting the festival circuit soon. I would love to make more music videos and also write for other directors or shows.
Watch the full length "Bring Your World" short film.


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