Feb 28

A Textured Life: A Convo With Chloe

A Textured Life: A Convo With Chloe

HANDLE: @chloegoslowly

PLATFORM: Sustainable Style


HOME BASE: San Francisco


How would you describe your style?

I think my style is a bit eclectic. I tend to be really attracted to preppier attire. I like big collars, cardigans, very academic; I used to describe it as a soft or “fruit salad” academic. Lots of colors and fun! Sort of breaking traditional stereotypes of what it means to be a scholarly person, because I am a PhD student by day and so I try to push those boundaries in those spaces.


What are you passionate about?

There are so many things I’m passionate about… like making other people feel really sure in themselves, making them feel part of a community, comfortable, seen and safe so that they can, I don't know, take on the world around them.


Can you tell us about your handle?

Yeah, my handle is @ChloeGoSlowly and I kind of take that seriously. I think of just living a slower paced lifestyle and allowing myself space to just exist and to center myself. I just try to be in flow with my body and with my surroundings and I feel like that just helps me feel really connected to myself. And then from a place of connection with myself, I'm able to connect more with others.


How do you bring sustainability into your daily life?

For me, it really all starts with just consuming less. For me, that means choosing pieces, especially as somebody who loves fashion, that are going to last me a really long time. That's why I love bags—knowing they'd last me a very long time. But in addition to that, I think around the home, I have the same sort of mentality of just slowness and consuming less. I try to shop taking your Mason jars in the bulk grocery, things like that. Recycling and composting, obviously. But I think generally though, allowing myself space to make mistakes is a really huge tip that I gave myself just room to be imperfect at being sustainable. Just allowing myself the space to get a coffee out of a single use plastic, that's okay because that's not who I am from every single day. It's about building in habits and it's not about policing your own behavior. I think that that's really the first step for me and how I approach sustainability from the day to day.