Feb 28

A Textured Life: Meet Indy

A Textured Life: Meet Indy


HANDLE: @indyofficinalis

PLATFORM: Urban Farming & Foraging


HOME BASE: Los Angeles


What are you passionate about?

I'm really passionate about urban farming and foraging because I like to be able to provide my immediate community with foods that are grown locally and foods that sustain and nourish the body.


What does urban farming mean to you?

So I got into urban farming because I was one of those kids who could never focus on just one task at a time and farming really lends itself to that. I'm able to not only spend time with my hands in the soil growing produce, but I'm also able to interact with my community by passing out produce and teaching other people how to grow their own food—my version of a textured and interwoven lifestyle, where we're not just focused on one task at a time or one idea at a time, but we're finding ways to incorporate different parts of our personality and weaving them into this rich tapestry of knowledge and of sustainable fashion.


What is a typical day like for you?

I always try to wake up and start my day with some sort of intention and it doesn't have to be this huge bring about world peace intention, but it can be something as simple as taking the time to slow down. I journal and spend a little time stretching, drink a cup of green tea, and then usually I'm heading out to the farm. I spend my day gardening with folks in my community and I specifically focus on black and brown individuals and folks who are part of underserved populations. I really love cooking meals using foraged produce, especially mushrooms.