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Talking Self-Love with the Ladies of Karmic

Talking Self-Love with the Ladies of Karmic
Meet Laura Baruch and Kylie Katch, the stylish and talented ladies behind the powerhouse group, Karmic, and soundtrack to The Sak's "Bring Your World Film." Karmic is comprised of Laura and Kylie as vocalists, and features producers Samuel Murphy and Peter Kastner.
How did Karmic come to be?
Laura: We met at music school in Los Angeles and always wanted to do a project together. After school we all did our own thing and then one day we finally got in the studio together. We immediately had a great flow going and we wrote our first song. Peter and I started Karmic as a duo and once we started writing with Kylee we knew she had to join. It happened so naturally and it felt really good.
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Your song “Higher Self” is featured in The Sak’s "Bring Your World" campaign film. What is the overarching message to take from the song?
"Higher Self "was the first song we released and the main message from this song is self-love. Once you believe in your self and fully except you for who you are you can do anything. A lot of the time we are so hard on ourselves and think we are not good enough so then we try to be something we are not. It’s about finding your true essence and embracing it.
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As we celebrate our 30 Year Anniversary, what are your first memories of The Sak?
Laura: Kylee and I both grew up in Los Angeles, but on opposite sides of the city and we both had The Sak purses growing up. Mine was a classic black one and all of my girlfriends had The Sak purses as well.
Kylee: I also had a classic black purse from The Sak and I would always remember my grandma having them as well. Her style was impeccable.
Both The Sak and our sister brand, Sakroots believe in working with artists and charities that help make the world a better place. What causes are you passionate about?
We are really passionate about women’s rights. We want to spread the awareness about women equality and help inspire women not to be afraid, to speak their minds, and to use their voices to speak up about anything that doesn’t feel right to them. We are all worthy and we all deserve respect. We feel very grateful to be part of this movement and try to use our music and presence on stage and social media to help spread that message.

 We are also very passionate about the planet. That is why we try to only buy used or upcycled clothing. Most of the merch that we sell is vintage or second hand.

 What do you like about the Limited Edition 30th Collection? Do you have any favorite styles?

 We love color, so we are really digging the brightness of this new collection. It’s so fun! We were really drawn to all of the styles. It’s so hard to pick a favorite! The use of multiple textures is great as well.
You both have amazing personal style, where do you find your fashion inspiration?

 Laura: My Mom has always been my fashion inspiration. She got me into vintage clothing and I’ve been hooked ever since. I grew up in Pasadena so she would take me to the rose bowl flea market. It’s cool because you can find really special one-of-a-kind pieces and know that no one else will have the same thing. She always had a really good eye and I definitely learned a lot from her. I started collecting kimonos because I just love the way they feel and how they flow when you wear them. We thought it would be a perfect thing to perform in.

Kylee: I have always loved fashion and use it to express myself. My grandma was a fashion icon for me. She was so well put together, even when going to the grocery store! She gave everything her personal touch.  I probably wear something of hers every single day. I love pulling from past era's, the '60s and '70s are probably my favs. Laura is also an inspiration for me! She has a great eye for unique styles and I love her vintage aesthetic.  She has gotten me into shopping at second-hand shops where you can find some great unique pieces to add to your wardrobe.
What’s your favorite city to perform in?

 We're touring right now and every show is different in every city! We always love going to Vienna and we recently played at this magical venue in Viechtach, Germany called Atlas Spital, but all of them have something special. We just love being able to travel and connect with the people and being able to talk with them after the show and listen to their responses and what they got out of it.

We are just so grateful that we can be vessels and touch people’s hearts with our music. We want to heal people and have them feel better then they did before our show and it’s working!

What’s next for Karmic?
We have our first EP coming out next month titled "This is Karmic." It’s our first body of work that we are releasing so we are super excited about it.  We will also be playing some big festivals in Europe this summer and will be writing a ton of new music!
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Watch the "Bring Your World" short film to hear Karmic's "Higher Self."