Apr 19

Earth Day Initiatives: Spring Cleaning at The Sak

Earth Day Initiatives: Spring Cleaning at The Sak

In honor of Earth month, our team got in the spirit of spring with an office-wide spring cleaning day. To add to the theme, green juice was provided for all employees as they helped clean out the office!

the sak earth day

Each Sakster participated by cleaning his and her own workspace using eco-friendly cleaning products. In keeping with The Sak's company-wide sustainability initiatives, recycling bins were placed on every floor, and separate waste bins were removed from desks to encourage more recycling and getting up to walk around! 

earth day the sak

You know what they say..."One man's trash is another man's treasure." A swap and share table provided a hilarious and fun opportunity for employees to clean out their desks of miscellaneous items (from skateboards, jewelry, clothing and more) to share with others. 

Sample handbags and accessories were rounded up and organized with a special selection donated to Dress for Success, to help women in need advance professionally. 

The spring cleaning overhaul was one step forward in The Sak Brand Group's journey to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates!