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A Foolproof Guide to Buying the Best Gifts Based on Astrology

A Foolproof Guide to Buying the Best Gifts Based on Astrology
Hey baby, what's your sign? The holidays are here and we can all use a little help finding the perfect gift. Whether you subscribe to it all or not, understanding a person's zodiac sign can offer some unique insight into their personality and gifts they might like! So if you still haven't figured out what to get all of your pals or family for the holidays, relax. We're here to help. Scroll down to shop our picks for every sign!


Virgos are known for their infallible attention to detail and need for organization. Without a doubt the most meticulous sign, they’re often made fun of for being overly particular. But by no means is this exactness a bad thing—rather, Virgos’ appreciation for practicality helps not just themselves but those around them. A daily planner is a go-to for Virgos. Help them embrace their inner need for organization with this portable agenda. Daily Agenda in Taupe One World, $24


Aries are typically adventurous and sportive. They love facing challenges and are full of life, with an energy that’s often infectious to others. Just because Aries like to get to be adventurous and outdoorsy doesn’t mean they can’t look good doing it. This pair of boots will keep them dry and stylish during rain and snow. Classic Rainboot in Midnight Treehouse, On sale for $29


Aquarius are keenly interested in making the world a better place through humanitarian work and philanthropy. They are visionaries who pass their days thinking about how to improve the world we live in. They shower the world with their novel thoughts and new ideas. Aquarians also have a love for technology and are oftentimes innovators and inventors themselves. This wristlet holds your phone while charging it on the go, leaving Aquarians untethered while trying to make the world a better place. Charging Wristlet in Neon Spirit Desert, $38


Sagittarius is the most curious of all, constantly on a quest to find deeper meaning in life through various means, but particularly travel. They’re open-minded, positive and full of energy. Since Sagittarius is so prone to travel and exploration, it’s important for them to be prepared for whatever may come their way. This Kota travel bag is made of durable nylon and is designed specifically to help organize your essentials, including electronics, with a matching tech case. Kota Travel Bag in Jet Brave Beauti, Now on Sale for $53.40

5. LEO

Leo’s tend to stand out and love attention. Their personalities are radiant and magnetic, which often makes them social butterflies. They’re also bursting with creative energy, which can sometimes make Leos a lot to handle. The Seni Camera bag is a perfect fit for any Leo, with an artistic printed guitar strap and gold embellishments. Shown here with the Berry Brave Beauti print, the bag is perfect for toting around the essentials on the go, while remaining on trend. Seni Leather Camera Bag in Berry Brave Beauti, $78


Taurus is an earth sign that loves to be surrounded by material pleasures. They’re often hard to shop for because they already have everything they want—and more. They’re also extremely loving and protective over those they care about. This heart bar necklace embodies two of Taurus’s most prominent qualities; a desire for material goods and a strong love for their family and friends. Hint: a Taurus can never get enough jewelry. Gold Heart Bar Necklace, $25


Similar to Virgo, Capricorn likes everything orderly and neat, with a knack for paying close attention to detail. The most responsible and self-disciplined of the signs, they often find ways to excel both professionally and in their personal lives. Help keep your Capricorn happy with this easily portable zip journal, fresh and ready for all of their notes and organizational needs. Capricorns work on a bunch of projects at once, making orderliness more a necessity than a preference. Zip Journal in Radiant One World, $20


Gemini is an air sign that actually varies heavily not only from person to person, but from one minute to the next. They represent two sides of the same coin, meaning you never know if they’ll be sociable and ready for fun or withdrawn and feeling serious. They sometimes feel like their other half is missing, leaving them hungry for new friends and relationships in order to fill that void. As mentioned, Gemini are often left searching for love from what they believe to be their other half. This bracelet lets them know that they are loved, and perhaps no longer need to be searching so vehemently! Elastic Bracelet, Pink Love, $15


Libras have an obsession with what’s just and fair. Their ruling planet is Venus, who is a lover of all things aesthetically pleasing. Thus, the Libra likes to surround itself with beauty. The Libra focuses on beauty regardless of its origin, meaning they’re not necessarily materialistic. These affordable Chevron Stud earrings are subtle yet lovely, perfect for anyone trying to dress to the nines. Jewelry tends to be the Libra’s favorite gift. Chevron Gold Stud Earrings, $15


The Cancer is highly emotional and deeply sentimental, not to mention nostalgic. Their ruling planet is the moon, which is part of the reason Cancers’ moods can be so inconsistent. It can depend on the time of month or even the time of day. Yikes. But they’re generally very beloved, as they love taking care of and connecting emotionally with friends, family, and coworkers. Pearls and silver are both ruled by Cancer, meaning that they make great gifts. This silver toned Peace Bubble necklace would be much appreciated. Peace Bubble Necklace, $20


Scorpios are a determined bunch. When they have a goal, they will tap into ridiculous levels of resourcefulness to make it happen. They are often “old souls” who act older than they really are, since they were born with a fairly strong understanding of the universe from the get go. Scorpios have a particular appreciation for well-tailored items and crafts. These rubber Rhyme ankle rainboots are super easy to wear and comfortable for whatever occasion. Rhyme Ankle Rainboot in Navy Spirit Desert, $39


Pisces are super charismatic and loving people who are often able to connect with a large variety of different individuals. They are incredibly selfless and often have artistic tendencies. Rather than fulfilling the Pisces’ love of art with a book or museum trip, get them something made by an artist that they can use practically. This Campus Tote available in various artists’ custom prints would be perfect. Campus Tote in Ivory Spirit Desert, $42
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