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Our Artisans

The Sak is paying tribute to its Balinese heritage with our Back-to-Bali philanthropic capsule collection dedicated to the artisans who first inspired the brand's "crochet craze" in 1989. This consciously crafted collection amplifies The Sak's commitment to a business built on purposeful intent, with future initiatives being planned to support fair trade practices and increased sustainability.

Bali Village Artisan Fund

The Sak donates a portion of proceeds from our Back to Bali collection by funding healthcare and education to the female artisans who hand-made our bags.

Fulfilling our 30th-anniversary commitment to sponsor the healthcare and education of our female artisans, The Sak team headed to the Balinese village of Negara in October 2019 to administer various health exams and counseling to over 100 women and their families. We look forward to many more charitable initiatives to pay homage and support the Balinese community.

Physical Exams

Eye Exams

Blood Tests

Early Breast Cancer Detection

Hear from the inspiring women behind each bag:

Meet Siti

Meet Hatomaya

Meet Indania

Get to know more of our artisans on our blog, Beyond the Craft.