Leather Working Group

Leather Working Group

Leather Working Group is an international, not-for-profit membership organization and responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program. Since 2005, LWG has identified environmental best practices in the industry and provided guidelines for continual improvement. In fact, LWG offers a suite of auditing tools to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities – and certify those that meet its standards.


LWG's mission is to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying leather manufacturers. Additionally, it aims to engage with members of the leather supply chain and give them the knowledge to be able to make informed, sustainable choices in their businesses.

Get to know our leathers

Sot Pebble


One of our most popular leathers, our Soft Pebble Leather is known for its supple texture and durability. Soft Pebble Leather uses a solid dye coloring process and has a waxy, more textured pebble feel that enhances with continued wear.

Smooth Vintage


Our charming Smooth Vintage Leather offers more of a broken-in, laid back feel. Smooth to the touch, it is dyed through a two-toned coloring process that enriches the authentic highs and lows of the leather.

Heritage Distressed


Our Heritage Distressed Leather typically retains a two-tone coloring, celebrating the leathers natural and authentic imperfections. The vintage effect produces a more structured appearance, enhanced with a smooth, crisp feel to be appreciated for years to come.

In partnership with LWG, The Sak sources 100% of our leather from tanneries that comply with environmental sourcing processes and sustainable water usage. Many of our top styles are crafted with leather sourced from Gold Certified tanneries, the highest standard awarded.

Vachetta Leather

Vachetta Leather

Vachetta is leather in its natural state. We use an environmentally friendly vegetable tanning process and minimal surface treatment, leaving the leather soft to the touch. Because the leather is unprocessed, natural variations will develop overtime, giving your bag a rich and unique patina.