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Leather Craft


Effortless Style, Handcrafted Details

Style is constantly changing but our love for handcrafted design remains the same. Each of our timeless leather bags and accessories are thoughtfully designed with signature handcrafted details and high quality leather. It is our distinct attention to detail and commitment to the highest quality that sets us apart.

Consciously Crafted

In partnership with Leather Working Group tanneries, we source 87% of our leather from tanneries that comply with environmental sourcing processes and sustainable water usage. Many of our top styles are crafted with leather sourced from Gold Certified tanneries, the highest standard awarded.

It is our goal to source 100% of our leather from LWG certified tanneries by 2021.

About Our Leathers

One of our most popular leathers, our Soft Pebble Leather is known for its supple texture and durability. Soft Pebble Leather uses a solid dye coloring process and has a waxy, more textured pebble feel that enhances with continued wear.

Our Heritage Distressed Leather typically retains a two-tone coloring, celebrating the leathers natural and authentic imperfections. The vintage effect produces a more structured appearance, enhanced with a smooth, crisp feel to be appreciated for years to come.

Our charming Smooth Vintage Leather offers more of a broken-in, laid back feel. Smooth to the touch, it is dyed through a two-toned coloring process that enriches the authentic highs and lows of the leather.