Aug 02

Make Yourself Heard: 10 Days for Elephants with WCS

Happy World Elephant Day! Learn about 2 of our charity partners who work to support elephants specifically and see how you can help!

Make Yourself Heard: 10 Days for Elephants with WCS

With World Elephant Day approaching on August 12th, Sakroots is happy to support our partner charity, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in their effort to spread the word about the urgent elephant poaching crisis.

 Image Credit: Julie Larsen Maher ¬© WCS[/caption]

The Issue

African elephants are being poached to feed the illegal ivory trade. From 2002 to 2013, WCS research showed that the Central African forest elephant population dropped by 65% as a result of this poaching, and its range shrank by 30%, rendering forest elephants locally extinct across large parts of their former range. To help, WCS and its 96 Elephants campaign are working to stop the killing, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand. 


Take a Stand

Want to help protect elephants and their homes? Join WCS and take action by participating in 10 Days for Elephants! Sign up here and starting on August 3rd, you'll receive 10 easy, fun, and impactful actions in the 10 days leading up to World Elephant Day. Each day you'll have the opportunity to lend your voice to a great cause, in the hopes that together, we'll create some serious noise. To learn more or sign up for 10 Days for Elephants, visit All Image Credits: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS