Jan 27

Giving Back: Spotlight on North American Butterfly Association

Learn about the North American Butterfly Association, a butterfly conservation and awareness organization. The NABA is affiliated with Sakroots' Flower Power Print.

Giving Back: Spotlight on North American Butterfly Association
Sakroots partners with several charitable organizations who share in our belief of peace and harmony among all things. Each of our artist prints correlates to a specific charity, and if you choose to donate to one of our partner charities at checkout, Sakroots will match your donation. Each month, we highlight one of our charity partners so you can see what each is all about.

North American Butterfly Association

Formed in 1992, the North American Butterfly Association (NABA), is a membership-based not-for-profit working to increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies. The NABA also happens to be the largest group of people in North America interested in the butterfly species. With several chapters throughout the United States, each chapter works at either the state or local level to conserve butterflies, educate the public about the importance of butterflies, and further scientific research on wild butterflies. 


Culture & Learning

By engaging with people on a local level, NABA is helping to change the way we view butterflies. Instead of associating butterflies with nets, NABA teaches individuals how to find butterflies, ways to identify them, how to create successful butterfly gardens and how to photograph them. Getting involved, whether it's with binoculars, taking pictures, or family gardening, can help to bring a sense of beauty and satisfaction and appreciation to one's life.

Conservation & Programs

NABA owns and operates the National Butterfly Center which is a 100-acre conservation, education and research center located in Mission, Texas. It is now the largest botanical garden in the United States focused on using native plants in a garden setting, housing over 220 species of wild butterflies. Through its Program for Butterfly Gardening and Habitats, NABA promotes the creation of safe habitats to increase the population of butterflies and awards certification for both individuals and institutions. NABA also runs a Butterfly Monitoring Program which accounts for the largest record of butterfly occurrences and abundances in the world. This data is used by scientists studying butterfly biology, populations, and trends. 


Want to help conserve butterflies and their natural habitats? To support NABA, you may become a member or make a one-time donation. Donations help in many ways, reinforcing both local and international initiatives for enhancement and education on butterflies and viewing them as essential components of our ecosystem, upon which we all depend on. To learn more about NABA, check out their new blog at butterflies.naba.org. Peace, Love, and Butterflies!