Jan 18

21 Ways to Show Kindness

Celebrate World Kindness Week from November 13-19th by practicing simple acts of kindness to those around you! Here are 21 ways you can show kindness!

21 Ways to Show Kindness
Today marks the first day of World Kindness Week, a time set aside to remind us all, regardless of race, religion or boundaries, to simply be kind to one another! Kindness is a virtue that can often be overlooked or forgotten, especially as we get caught up in daily stress, current events, etc. Believe it or not, engaging in acts of kindness can benefit your health too, by lowering blood pressure and helping to reduce stress. Not to mention that warm, almost contagious feel-good effect it has on you and everyone around. Need ideas? Check out our 21 ways to show kindness, below!
1. Buy someone coffee.
2. Hold the door open for the person behind you.
3. Give up your seat on the train.

  4. Pay someone a compliment.

5. Bake cookies for your coworkers.

6. Donate to a local food drive.  

7. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

8. Pick up litter.

9. Let someone skip you in line.  

10. Become an organ donor.

11. Forgive someone.

12. Pay the tab for the person behind you.

 13. Read to a child or elderly person.

14. Visit an animal shelter.

15. Call a distant friend or relative.

 16. Be a designated driver.

17. Send flowers.

18. Cook a meal for someone.

  19. Donate used clothing.

20. Give away your parking spot.

21. Smile at a stranger.

Kindness doesn't have to be a dramatic gesture, something as simple as a smile works, too! So get out there, be kind, and pass it on! Share how you plan to pass on kindness this week in the comments below!